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Monday - Saturday: 08:00 - 16:00
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2nd Floor, UL Cyberpark, Kozhikode
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+91 7025170475

Who We Are

Gamification experts for your business, to Target potential customers through interative Digital Media experiences

We are an independent Digital Consultant/agency headquartered in Kerala offering business enhancemnts though creative contents like games, 3D Animations; technology consulting and data transformation consulting by integrating AI to deliver data-driven customer experiences.. Our mission is to use digital media & make your business appealing to your audience.

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Mobile Apps

At fayzak, our expert team develops International Standard Mobile Apps that can exponentially increase your business and life, thereby uplifting you to a Multi billion dollar business empire.

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Our customer Websites are crafted with the best user experience and latest webapp technologies, that seamless integration to various lead generation platforms customer and acqusition is guaranteed.

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Team fayzak works on the best 3D animations for digital enrichment of your contents and better SEO strategies. Highly professional, quality audience-centric animations are our success secret

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We love games... so we develop the best ones from 3D multi-player RPGs with VR integration to casual online, social and mobile games we’ve designed and developed a number of fun and exciting titles

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Our Clients

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